Li’Tya Treatments

The Dreaming

In the beginning was the Dreaming, the unseen vibration of creation – the sacred source from where all things are.

Relax, revitalize and rejoice with our signature treatment to reconnect body, mind and soul from head to toe and from outside in. The ritual includes a foot treatment, body wrap, body massage, head massage, facial and hand treatment. Embracing traditional Aboriginal healing techniques these deeply therapeutic treatments work to nurture and heal. The skin of the face and body is cleansed, invigorated restored and nourished, tired muscles are eased and energise and all the body systems are rebalanced and rejuvenated. Renewing your energy and emotions, the soul is left refreshed and smiling with delight.

2 Hours and 55 minutes - £220.00

Sapphire Sea Wrap

Unwind, relax and nourish your body with this complete anti-ageing rejuvenation experience. To begin you will be energised and nourished with a complete Mother of Pearl body exfoliation before being cocooned in warm and vitamin packed Pearl & Kelp Body Mud, whilst you enjoy an Aboriginal inspired scalp massage. You will then surrender your body and soul to the rhythmic Susu Dew massage to complete this truly holistic experience 

85 minutes - £85.00